Heavenly delicious watalappam made from pure, Made in Earth Kithul jaggery.

This Sri Lankan delicacy watalappam is pronounced differently by Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Malay communities in Sri Lanka, and there are slight variations in recipes of how they make a watalappam dish as well. However, jaggery and coconut milk are the two main base ingredients in all variations.

“Jaggery” is a very popular sweetener in Sri Lanka made from unrefined sugar, mostly derived from the sap of fish tail palm trees. [Caryota Arecaceae]

Watalappam is also called watalappan in Sinhala (වටලප්පන්), in Tamil as vattalapan (வட்டலாப்பம்), while the Sri Lankan Malays call it serikaya.

The quality of the watalappam is mainly dependent on the quality of jaggery and the recipe. Our age old Watalappan recipe and Made in Earth pure Jaggery make our watalappam taste heavenly.

Watalappam requires as its base ingredients: jaggery, coconut milk and eggs. The variation comes in the optional ingredients such as milk variation and numerous spices, like cardamoms, cloves and even nutmeg – added to taste as desired. A versatile dish, it can be enjoyed both as a hot or cold dessert – either way garnished with raw or lightly roasted chopped cashew nuts.
It is widely believed that watalappam came to Sri Lanka with the arrival of Malays from Indonesia, in the 18th century – when the island was under the Dutch colonists. Known as “Serikaya”, the Malays prepared the steamed dish using eggs, palm sugar, coconut milk and screwpine leaves known as pandan. The Dutch fancied calling Serikaya as ‘Vla’ which meant custard. As the steamed dessert caught on locally, the Tamil speaking community dubbed it the ‘vattil’ (cup) ‘aapam’ (cake), hence vattilaapam (cupcake). An unwitting coinage of words giving us today: watalappam.

However, it’s only in Sri Lanka you would find watalappam or a similar dish made out of the Fish Tail Palm Jaggery.

Over the centuries, this light, yet deliciously moist dessert with its signature pores, has become synonymous with celebrations of Sri Lanka’s Muslim community. Weddings, Eid ul Fitr (Ramadhan festival), Eid ul Adha (Hajj festival) and family gatherings are not complete – without watalappam.

Made in Earth watalappam could be purchased as small individual portions or large portions which are available on pre-order special requests.

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