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Kithul pani and jaggery is used as an ingredient in most of the sweet and savoury dishes in Sri Lankan cuisines. Other uses include jaggery toffees and jaggery cake made with cashew nuts, peanuts, pumpkin preserve and spices. Jaggery is also used in the making of alcoholic beverages such as palm wine too.

Jaggery is what most Sri Lankans use in place of sugar in everyday life. In fact, it’s common for a cup of black tea (plain tea) to be served with a piece of jaggery or with a nutritional herbal drink called Kola-Kanda that’s consumed as a supper supplement breakfast drink. Due to the sweet tooth of many Sri Lankans, the demand has most recently led to the inclusion of Kithul Jaggery in modern sweet treats like ice creams and cakes which are accessible in plenty at supermarkets, stores around the county.

The Kithul syrup is often used as a sweetener in traditional desserts like kiri pani, a very creamy buffalo milk yogurt with Kithul pani drizzled on top. The syrup is also used as a sweetener in Sinhalese and Tamil New Year treats like kavum, aluwa, aasmi, walithalapa, pongal, paniyaram, Sri Lankan pancakes, etc. The kithul jaggery is also known to be an essential during the fasting period of observing Ramadan by the Sri Lankan Muslims. They break their fast with a piece of Jaggery with congee and celebrate festivities with kithul treacle in their rich dessert watalappan which is a highlight of their spread.

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